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19: Junk Drawer of Food

January 5, 2016

In this episode: 2016 goals, UI elements we wish would go away, design trends vs patterns, internships vs full-time roles when starting out, and balancing ambition and contentment.

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Topic 1: Zuck is building a personal AI for his home in 2016, what're your goals for this year?
Topic 2: What are UI elements that you hope will be gone this year and what are their replacements?
Topic 3: Curious what you guys think of following design trends vs something new/different. (e.g. flat design)
Topic 4: What are your thoughts on internship vs apprenticeship vs getting a full-time job for someone who comes from print design and just starting out on designing interfaces?
Topic 5: How do you balance ambition and contentment? I am a person that is always trying to improve and grow and it seems the more I want to improve… the less content I am with my life and at times unhappy when I’m not “moving forward”.

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