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18: For The Record

December 29, 2015

In this episode: investing money, finding AppleTV devs, introducing developers to Swift, self-teaching, and state machines!

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Topic 1: As a software dev, we make pretty good salaries. What type of things do you guys invest in? I know Sam has mentioned owning a house, but how do you guys manage your $$$?
Topic 2: How do I find AppleTV devs?
Topic 3: How can I best introduce someone to Swift?
Topic 4: Self-teaching on a large solo project or multiple mini projects?
Topic 5: How do you learn problem solving techniques or create own algorithms for problems? Little background of how this question came into my mind: some time back while working on app which has many states (stages) and based on the server response the app will behave. I went ahead and wrote some dirty codes and my friend suggested me to take a look at “State Machine” which i never heard of. After couple of hours i started customising the same in objc. Now i feel more happy and any change come in is solvable very easy now a days. So now i am actively searching for new techniques or algorithms to solve problem.

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