Immutable · December 8, 2015

15: Definitely Question Mark



In this episode: working under your own name, the iPad Pro, designing with constraints, when to design your API, and the hard parts of submitting to the App Store!

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Topic 1: I've started an LLC to do freelance work, however, I feel like I would get more business through my own name rather than that of a business. That said, I wanted to start my business because I felt like it would be easier to subcontract work as needed if I was under too much duress on a project. So I guess my question is, when did you make the decision to start a business and have you seen that impact the types of clients you get?
Topic 2: What are you thoughts on the new iPad Pro and what does this mean for Adaptive UI?
Topic 3: Should we design ALL of our UI's with constraints in mind?
Topic 4: Do you allow the design to dictate the API of your dev code or ?
Topic 5: What do you find the most problematic with submitting to the Apple Store?

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