Immutable · December 1, 2015

14: An Evening with Wikipedia

Welcome to Episode 14 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss dev chops, case studies, development tools, design boredom and what we've been wanting to learn!

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Topic 1: I just started as a developer and working with experienced devs. How can I build the chops to keep up/seem like I know what’s up?
Topic 2: What are items to include/not include in an app case study when presenting it or sending it to a company? (I have a fairly good idea but it would be great to hear from you two about it. Like things you don't like seeing and such.)

Topic 3: How much of the development tools should a designer know? Like for example we were building a watch app the other day, and it all just got too hard in terms of explaining the constraints, so I just installed Xcode and showed our designer how to build it himself and the results were great.
Topic 4: I’d love to hear your thoughts on design boredom. You don't hear people talk about it and maybe it's just me. But, do others go through periods of boredom whilst designing? Even the most exciting designs go through periods of boredom. How do people manage it?
Topic 5: What applications / languages / frameworks / techniques have you wanted to learn / try but haven’t had time to? Or what have to tried lately that you think you might stick with?

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