Immutable · November 24, 2015

13: What Am I, An Android User?

Welcome to Episode 13 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss open source traction, spec redesigns, staying excited about side projects, the best ways to network on a budget, and organizing layers in your design files.

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Topic 1: How do you get traction on open source projects?
Topic 2: As a student applying to positions, would a recruiter like it or take offense at a spec redesign of their product in your portfolio?
Topic 3: I always find myself coming up with cool ideas and concepts that I get really excited about making. Then after a while I eventually stop and forget about them. Do you have any tips on finishing ideas/projects and seeing them through? Especially from a design and programming point of view.
Topic 4: If a person had $1k and wanted put it towards “networking” (is there a better word for this now?), what’s the best way for them to spend it? Round trip to SF and get coffee with a bunch of people? A conference? Which ones? Any other tips? Etc, etc...
Topic 5: How you do actually organize your layers and how important it is to you? Where does this organization integrate into your process?

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