Immutable · November 10, 2015

11: Mercenary



Welcome to Episode 11 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss building perfectly vs building quickly, updating an already profitable product, how not to get caught up in the details while ideating, getting a job at an agency, and "hack schools"!

(We had some technical difficulties on the last 2 questions... Sorry.)

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Topic 1: When learning to code, is it best to investigate best practices as you go? Or, just get it done quickly and fix it later?
Topic 2: I'm working on an app with a large, profitable userbase. We've decided to rebuild the UI and workflows by switching to a different front-end/routing framework. Since we can't completely abandon the old version, how do we decide what should go into the new build?
Topic 3: How do you avoid getting tripped up on details when sketching out ideas?

Topic 4: Coming in as a freelancer, how do I get a job at an agency?

Topic 5: Would you recommend hack schools for learning iOS? General Assembly is an example.

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