Immutable · October 7, 2015

06: Google it Up



Welcome to Episode 6 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss raising your profile, working in grayscale, getting press for your product, transitioning to product design from web design, and integrating design and research into Scrum.

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Topic 1: How does a designer or developer raise their profile?
Topic 2: Are there any rules for using grayscale in design?
Topic 3: How do you approach journalists about the app/product that you're working on/launching? Or do you? If not, how do you get people to check it out?
Topic 4: I'm a web designer, but I feel like product design is what all the cool kids do. How do these two disciplines differ and how would you recommend making the transition from web design to product design?
Topic 5: We use scrum at my company. What I've always been struggling with a bit so far is how to integrate the research and design process into the development process while staying as agile and flexible as possible and not ending up with the waterfall method. We often have the feeling in our team that we tend to do too much design and research work up front. But, on the other side, if we don't do it up front, we don't get as much stuff done. Maybe you can share some of your experience?

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