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05: Web People

September 29, 2015

Welcome to Episode 5 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss the best ways to learn new dev skills, communication between design and back-end devs, finding mentors, using Twitter to level up your career, and prototyping vs building native apps.

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Topic 1: I'm trying to learn Swift. What is the best way to do that?
Topic 2: When a back-end dev is handed a design, how important is it that he knows about front-end languages? And how does that affect communication between the front-end team and the back-end team?
Topic 3: Everyone talks about the importance of having great mentors but what's the process in finding these mentors?
Topic 4: You've said before that Twitter played a huge part in your career. Could you talk more in detail about how that helped you? How can other people use Twitter to level up their career?
Topic 5: Charlie Deets thinks Sam is wrong about prototyping.

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