Immutable · September 22, 2015

04: Sharing is Caring



Welcome to Episode 4 of Immutable. This episode, we discuss design MVPs, writing apps vs prototyping, being open, converting side projects to businesses, learning design vs development, and the importance of writing!

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Topic 1: What is MVP in design terms?
Topic 2: You mentioned that if someone learns prototyping tools, they might as well learn how to make the real app. What about React Native?
Topic 3: You are very open with projects like Personal Sam and the Hire Sam site. Where do you draw the line? What's the downside?
Topic 3.5: When should you register a side project as a company? What are some good resources to do that?
Topic 4: What do you think is easier to learn - to become a good designer or to become a good developer? And on top of that, would it be better to get a degree in design and learn to code on your own? or to get a degree in development and learn to design on your own?
Topic 5: How important is writing in the design world? Whether it be talks, blog posts, books or whatever, it seems that it plays a big part in being a successful designer.

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