Framework · September 4, 2020

Justin Jackson – Transistor

Justin is the co-founder of They do podcast hosting for folks like Basecamp, Indie Hackers, and VH1. You can hear about their journey on the Build your SaaS podcast. He also runs MegaMaker (a community for bootstrappers).

Justin on the Web


Webflow outputs HTML, CSS, and javascript from a visual interface so you can build totally custom designs without ever writing code. Agencies like IDEO and startups like Lattice are already using Webflow to empower their teams to build and prototype. Their rich animation and interaction tools allow you to add features like parallax, motion triggers, custom keyframe animations and much more. Webflow’s offering a limited number of 10% coupons for their annual plans: Use the code FRAMEWORK to get 10% off an annual plan right now. Webflow: the modern way to build for the web.

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