Fragmented ยท May 4, 2020

197: .git internals with Gordon ๐Ÿ”ง

OK, If you really want to know how git works, this is the episode for you. KG talks with his longtime colleague and mentor Gordon McCreight. Gordon is a wiz in general but his knowledge of git goes deep. So in this episode, KG goes solo and really dives in-depth about how git works.

Buckle up and listen on; you'll come out on the outer side with a much sounder understanding of git.


Objects which are no longer referenced can be evicted with git prune; though this is a low-level operation which is often called from git gc. By default it will not remove commits newer than 2 weeks old, and of course the commits that are reachable from that; so provided the branch (or tag) deleted has recent commits, it will stay around in the git repository for up two a fortnight afterwards.

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