Developer Tea

A podcast for developers designed to fit inside your tea break

Why is it so hard for managers to create freedom and autonomy for their teams in a modern work environment? Today, we'll talk about how we can offer more autonomy to our team as well as bring value to the company.

What does it mean to be confused? What is happening in our brains and what is happening in reality? In today's episode, we're digging into confusion and the role of perception in the work you do.

Today we've got a thought experiment with the goal of flexing your lateral thinking muscles.

Why do you think you need to be great? In today's episode, we're getting clear on why we're motivated to reach our goals as developers and why we can so easily get caught in a trap of working in one particular area when we should be focusing on a bigger picture.

What makes something worth doing? How do you decide what activities are worth doing?

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