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This week we hung out with Jared Erondu, a designer well-known for his work at Lift, Omada Health, The Industry and his current role as Creative Director at Teespring. We covered a lot of ground – from the future of user interfaces to donuts to whether or not “UX designer” should be a job title anymore!

This was a great conversation and, for the first time ever, we have another one coming on Thursday where we discuss the announcements from the F8 conference with Facebook designers Jeremy Goldberg and George Kedenburg!

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Jared on the Web
Show Notes:

4:00 - We catch up with Jared and the latest projects he's working on!

10:00 - Jared tells us about his journey of becoming a designer.

20:00 - How did The Industry become so popular?

31:00 - What do you think of Apple's first-party apps?

32:00 - We talk about designers getting a seat at the table.

42:00 - What was it like moving from the East Coast to San Francisco?

50:00 - We dig a bit deeper into some of Jared's previous roles in design

1:00:00 - Donuts!

1:05:00 - Jared talks about a secret agenda...

1:11:00 - What does it mean to be a creative director?

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