Design Details · March 9, 2015

10: Tiny Nuggets of Delight (feat. Tim Van Damme)



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This week we caught up with Tim Van Damme, an amazing designer who has been a part of some of our favorite products including Instagram and Dropbox. For this hour we chat about Tim's past experience in design, working on Mailbox, Dribbble and the future of design/technology. We had a lot of fun with this show and we hope you all enjoy the conversation!

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Tim on the Web:
Show Notes:

2:00 - We dig a bit into Tim's past interview experiences and first steps into the design world.

14:00 - Tim talks about taking breaks and disconnecting.

20:00 - What it's like working on Mailbox for Mac; Tim tells us about his personal style.

27:00 - We get into the ethos of UI design, talking about the details and emotional design.

37:00 - Let's talk Dribbble.

48:00 - We chat about the current state of user interfaces and what the next big leap will be.

55:00 - What will be the next breakthrough in input mechanisms?

1:03:00 - We chat about email as a communication method and what's next for Mailbox.


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