Design Details · March 2, 2015

9: When Did the Marketing Department Get Here? (feat. Paul Stamatiou and Avi Cieplinski)



For Episode 9, we had our first chat with two guests! This time we caught up with Paul Stamatiou and Avi Cieplinski from the Photo and Video Team at Twitter. We covered a lot this week - chatting about prototyping, wearables, design process and what it's like to work at Twitter and Apple!

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Paul on the Web:
Avi on the Web:
Show Notes:

2:00 - We sat down with Paul and Avi to chat about what they've been working on.

6:00 - The importance of sharing the design process in public.

16:00 - We dive a bit deeper into prototyping at big tech companies.

21:00 - We dig a bit into Paul's background as a designer.

53:00 - The conversation makes a quick transition into past startups and fun Twitter spin-off products.

1:00:00 - Do you have a design philosophy?

1:07:00 - We dig into some of the hiring processes in place at Twitter.

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