Design Details · February 2, 2015

5: Squeeze in Some Meat with Your Candy (feat. Gabriel Valdivia)



This week we had a chat with Gabriel Valdivia, a Product Designer at Facebook. He's a close friend and a remarkable designer best known for his work at Automatic. We had a great time chatting about a lot of Gabe's favorite things - from prototyping to Serial to meat/candy hybrids.

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Gabe Valdivia on the Web:
Show Notes:

01:45 - Gabe tells us about his upcoming Facebook adventure in London

05:45 - Does the design culture at Facebook encourage bold new ideas?

07:05 - Gabe shares about his transition from startup life to big corporation

17:30 - We learn a bit more about Facebook's latest experimental apps

25:00 - What are the prototyping tools being used at Facebook?

37:00 - How do you design an emotional experience?

45:00 - Jay did it

60:00 - Gabe shares about a meaningful mentor in his life

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