Design Details · January 26, 2015

4: Meatspace User Onboarding (feat. Kristy Tillman)



This week we caught up with Kristy Tillman, a former designer at IDEO who now leads the design charge at Society of Grownups. We had a great time chatting across a huge range of topics, from diversity in tech to meatspace user onboarding!

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Kristy Tillman on the Web:
Show Notes:

00:00 - We catch up with Kristy about what she's working on

07:00 - We explore some of Kristy's work in helping marginalized communities, including why there's less diversity in tech

15:30 - Kristy adds context to explaining why there are fewer prominent female designers

19:00 - We circled back around to talk about Kristy's current work at Society of Grownups

36:30 - Kristy explains some of the challenges in hiring for designers and developers on the East Coast

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