Design Details · August 7, 2019

308: Learning Design as a Developer



This week, we answer a couple listener questions, including how to get started learning design as a developer and how to reconcile icons on different platforms. In News, we discuss the launch of Figma Plugins, and as always, we share a couple cool things, like gourmet junk food and vaporwave jams.



Listener questions:

  • Q: "What advice do you have for a developer with no design experience getting started with design?" —Dolee Yang
  • Q: "How do you reconcile icon systems between platforms? Do you have different icons for web, iOS, and Android? Or do you try to make them all consistent with a brand icon set?" —Anonymous
    • A: "Actually, both are valid strategies. If you use the default glyphs and styling for icons on each platform, you can have high confidence your users will understand them. If you have a strong brand identity, you can style those glyphs to fit in with your icon set. If you use unique glyphs, consider including labels to make their meaning clear to users who are only familiar with system glyphs."

One Cool Thing:

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