Design Details · July 24, 2019

306: Is Ego Getting in the Way of Accessibility?



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Thank you for listening along with us for all these years. It means the world.

- Brian and Marshall

In today's episode we dig into two listener questions about when to use toggles versus checkboxes, and the current state of accessibility in product design. We also share a big milestone for the podcast, get caught up on some news, and as always, share our cool finds of the week.


  • We've crossed 5 million total downloads on Design Details! Thank you all for listening along with us for all these years 💜


Listener questions

One Cool Thing:

  • Marshall shared a Mac menu bar application, Bartender, a tool to help you customize and manager your Mac's menu bar.
  • Brian shared a new Mac application, Dato, created by Sindre Sorhus. Dato is meant to replace the date and time item in your Mac's menu bar, providing a better interface to see a calendar and timezones. This reminded Marshall of iStat Menus by Marc Edwards.

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