Design Details · July 3, 2019

303: Building Design Teams (feat. Stacy La)



This week, we welcome to the show Stacy La, formerly of Clover Health and currently the product and design lead on the Prevent Epidemics Team at Resolve to Save Lives. Stacy shares with us some of the challenges and triumphs of building a large design team from scratch, and we get into the details of designing for such serious, high-stakes product areas. And as always, we end the show with a few cool things, like a guide to creativity, a channel that answers interesting questions, and a subscription coffee service.


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One Cool Thing:

  • Stacy shared Creative Quest, a "unique new guide to creativity from Questlove—inspirations, stories, and lessons on how to live your best creative life"
  • Marshall shared Cheddar, a YouTube channel that "explains, examines, and explores"
  • Brian shared Trade Coffee, the "best coffee subscription in the nation"

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