Design Details · March 27, 2019

289: Design File Hygiene



This week, Marshall offers a few simple tips for tidying up your source files, and we answer a listener question about when to move on from a company. In News, we shout out a new resource from the maker of Laws of UX. And as always, we share a couple cool things like a browser for neoworkers and an article about the Omnibox.



Listener Question:

  • Anonymous has been at a startup for years and doesn't know where it's going. They ask, "Should I stay and fight the good fight? Or should I go to a bigger company and make more money?"
  • Loss Aversion and the Sunk Cost Fallacy on Wikipedia
  • Kristy Tillman is the Head of Global Experience Design at Slack
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Industry Talk:

  • A few simple rules:
  1. Rename and structure your layers as you create them
  2. If you find yourself duplicating an element frequently, make it a symbol
  3. Use "Bounds" layers to define a group's area, then snap groups together like Lego

One Cool Thing:

  • Brian shared NOVA, a web browser "designed for the way we interact with the web today, made for the neoworkers" (whatever those are)
  • Moom is a simple Mac utility that "makes window management as easy as clicking a mouse button"
  • Nova's app icon isn't nearly as bold as its marketing page
  • Marshall shared Unboxing Chrome, a Medium article by Hannah Lee about the monumental task of redesigning Chrome's Omnibox

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