Design Details · February 27, 2019

285: Deadly American Idol



This week, we discuss spoken accents, answer a listener question about salary negotiations, and Marshall dives deep into the design of Apex Legends. And as always, we share a couple cool things, like a hip hop musical and a way to bring joy back to your Twitter timeline.



  • Anton Osipov shared a helpful visual for using a unit-based vertical baseline.
  • Zain Khoja shared, a podcast bridging the gap between students and the design industry - by students, for students.

Listener Questions:

  • An anonymous listener asks: "I’m about to change jobs and soon I’ll have initial call with someone from one of the companies I could potentially work for. I don’t want to invest too much of my time in multiple calls and meetings with them before being sure the offer meets my expectations, especially in terms of salary. But I also don’t want to be considered as one of those guys who care only about money. So my question is: what’s the right moment to talk about this? Should that be something to talk about during the very first call? Or maybe later? For context: it was the company who reached out to me whether I’d be interested in the role."
    • HBR wrote about what people want from their jobs.

Explain Like I'm Five:

One Cool Thing:

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