Design Details · February 13, 2019

283: Timefoolery



This week, we answer a couple listener questions, including how to reliably align text to a baseline grid, and how to use data to learn from the features you ship. In News, Marshall extols the virtues of a little feature in the recently-released Sketch 53 update. And as always, we share a couple cool things, like a mind-bending Netflix show and an accessibility-focused pull request.


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Listener Questions:

  • Andreas v.d. Griendt asks "How do you work with developers to get your 8pt grid designs implemented? This is easy for placing a button. But if you actually would align text to a 4pt baseline, this is very challenging. Easy to do in Sketch, but super difficult for developers to implement/understand. For web this would be even more difficult than for native. But dynamic font sizing can be a challenge as well with this approach. What is helpful to do? How do you balance enforcing this?"
  • Kevin Gutowski asks "Data is, of course, very important. How do you actually learn from the features that you ship? What hard metrics / soft metrics are recorded? How are they being recorded and by whom?"

One Cool Thing:

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