Design Details · September 2, 2015

57: DubDubDub (feat. Robin and Roxane Clediere)



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In this episode, we hung out with Robin and Roxane Clediere. They're a pair of French designers who not only are married, but work together on design projects. We discussed working together as a couple, joining Facebook, and moving from a small town in France to San Francisco.

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Roxane on the Web:
Robin on the Web
Show Notes:

4:30 - Introductions

7:00 - Joining Facebook

10:00 - Working together as a couple, getting visas, and side projects

21:30 - Getting started in design & working with large design teams

37:00 - Launching a product at Facebook

45:00 - Design Tools

55:00 - Startups vs Agencies

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