Design Details · August 12, 2015

51: Dopesick (feat. Marshall Bock and Sam Soffes)



It's teaser time! This episode we caught up with Sam Soffes and Marshall Bock, two upcoming hosts on the Spec Network! In this show we chat about the future of Spec and dive deep into some Sketch pro tips.

If you missed it, we recently announced Spec, a new podcast network for designers and developers! We hope you'll check it out and follow @specfm on Twitter for new shows and updates!

If you have feedback or suggestions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter at @designdetailsfm!

Sam on the Web:
Marshall on the Web:
Show Notes:

4:00 - Who are you?

6:00 - New Spec shows!

17:00 - Message us on Twitter (@specfm) with your email address to join our Slack Team!

21:00 - Marshall shares his story.

33:00 - Sam's working on things.

38:00 - Sketch talk.

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