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For episode 35, we finally convinced the Motherfuton himself, Mr. Noah Stokes, to come hang with us for a bit and talk about lazy web design, ornamentation vs utility, design education and so much more. It was super fun to pick his brain for an hour or so and he brought up some frequently overlooked shortcomings of how we build the web today.

In case you haven't noticed, we were nominated for Podcast of the Year at The Net Awards! If you can spare the time, we would very much appreciate a vote!

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Noah Stokes on the Web:
Show Notes:

4:30 - What Noah's working on

6:30 - Moving from client services to an in-house design team

16:45 - Life before BOLD and how Apple has changed

28:15 - How responsive design made the web boring

46:00 - UI for pure utility vs UI ornamentation

50:00 - Web education and regulation

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