Design Details · May 25, 2015

28: #TeamOneCircle (feat. Michael Schultz)



This week we caught up with Michael Schultz, a designer living in San Francisco tackling one of the hardest design problems out there: health and medicine. We chat all about the problems he faces designing in the medical world, how to launch and market side projects and we end with a healthy debate about designer job titles.

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Michael on the Web:
Show Notes:

3:00 - Michael fills us in on what he's working on.

11:00 - We dig into Michael's background and introduction to the medical world.

24:00 - Michael and Bryn worked on a side project together, Privatize.

35:00 - Michael has strong opinions about Product Hunt.

41:00 - How did you market your personal apps pre-Product Hunt?

48:00 - Michael shares how he designed Iodine to be a place that makes data understandable and easy to use.

1:03:00 - How do you define different design roles? Bryn and Brian debate.

1:12:00 - We discuss designers who code and developers who design.

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