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Last week Kim and Cap were in SF for the week and dropped by to record another fun episode of Design Details! We chat about what it's like to be married to a designer, how to hire designers and how to overcome the biggest challenges design managers face.

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Kim on the Web:
Cap on the Web:
Show Notes:

1:00 - We touch base with Cap and Kim.

6:00 - Cap fills us in on the latest news at BuzzFeed.

9:00 - What's it like being married to another designer?

18:00 - How do you keep a growing product design team in sync?

38:00 - What are the biggest challenges for new design managers?

44:00 - How do hire designers?

55:00 - How do you divide up design roles?

1:02:00 - Cap and Kim share what they're excited about in design.

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