Design Details · May 6, 2015

23: Brains are Stupid (feat. Christophe Tauziet, Jeremy Goldberg, and George Kedenburg)



This was the most impromptu episode we've ever done. We were just out to dinner with these guys and we were having so much fun debating design things that we decided to record our first-ever 3-guest episode. We made a lot of references to George and Jeremy's last episode - so definitely go check that out. This was a really fun episode for us - hopefully it is for you too!

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George Kedenburg on the Web:
Jeremy Goldberg on the Web:
Christophe Tauziet on the Web:
Show Notes:

4:00 - Apple's product strategy

16:00 - Modern services and stupid brains

30:00 - May predictions and how designers work (We recorded the show in mid-April)

52:00 - Designing original things and what makes a good brand

01:02:00 - Movie Talk

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