Design Details · April 29, 2015

21: Startup Lubricant (feat. Bin Chen)



This episode, we talked tea with Boba Guys and Tea People co-founder Bin Chen! He's had one of the most unique design careers we've ever heard of and he tells a really great story - which made this episode especially fun for us. Hopefully, you'll dig it too!

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Bin on the Web
Show Notes:

3:30 - Beer!

5:00 - What are you working on?

15:30 - Tea People and Boba Guys' Culture

26:30 - Differences between digital design and brick and mortar

37:00 - How Bin got into design...

53:00 - Generalism vs Specialty

59:00 - Managing vs Individual Contribution

1:07:00 - Scaling in digital vs physical space

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