Design Details · April 27, 2015

20: Soft Computer Hands (feat. Dustin Senos)



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This week we caught up with Dustin Senos, the lead designer at Medium for the past 3 years who has spent his professional career traversing the worlds of design and engineering. We dig into Dustin's background and how design has shaped Medium into the product it is today.

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Dustin on the Web:
Show Notes:

2:00 - Dustin tells us about his transitions between engineering and design.

7:00 - Should designers code?

11:00 - How did you end up at Medium?

17:00 - How was Medium approached as a design challenge?

21:00 - How would you describe the aesthetic of Medium today? How did the agency work shape that aesthetic?

30:00 - We chat about the culture at Medium and their experience with holacracy

43:00 - We diverge into a chat about diversity in design.

45:00 - How did you approach hiring at Medium?

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