Design Details · April 20, 2015

18: Kleenex Testers (feat. Stone Librande)



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This week we broke up our regular string of web designer guests to chat with Stone Librande, lead designer at Riot Games. Stone was also the lead designer of Diablo 3, SimCity and Spore; he's an incredibly talented creator who shared so much insight with us on this episode of Design Details!

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Stone on the Web:
Show Notes:

6:00 - We catch up with Stone on his current work as a game designer.

9:00 - Stone shares his journey to becoming a game designer.

20:00 - Stone shares some of the more specific challenges he's faces as a game designer.

24:00 - You also build lots of physical games?

28:00 - What has been your favorite game to design?

54:00 - Stone talks about the games he's enjoying at the moment.

57:00 - How do feel about the broader trend of DLC and in-app purchases?

1:07:00 - Stone shares his thoughts on virtual reality and augmented realitigy games.

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