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Every year at this time we take a break and reflect on all of the wonderful conversations we've had during the past year.

For people who are new to Design Details, we hope this is a nice sample of some of the topics and people we were able to meet in 2017. And for long-time listeners, we hope that like us, you'll enjoy this opportunity to recap everything we talked about last year.

We've also got a big announcement: we're building a new thing for you! It's called Spectrum and it's a place for the community to hang out and share what's going on in design, development, and anything else you might be interested in.

We're still in beta, so expect bugs and lots of improvements over the next few weeks, but in the meantime we'd love to hang out with you and chat!

Sign up at, join the SpecFM community, and share feedback in our Spectrum bug report channel!

  • Reaktor - Reaktor is a product design studio in NYC, designing and building for forward-thinking businesses and organizations. And they're hiring someone like you!
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