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This week we caught up with Khoi Vinh, an insightful and talented designer making Wildcard in New York City. In this Skype chat we talked about designing for the tablet, honesty on the web and how Khoi manages to maintain so many projects!

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Khoi on the Web:
Show Notes:

5:00 - We catch up with Khoi and chat about his current project, Wildcard.

9:00 - Khoi tells us more about the specifics of designing at Wildcard, including why cards are the future of the web.

15:00 - How have you become such a prolific design writer?

20:00 - We learn a bit more about the process behind How They Got There.

26:00 - Khoi's also busy on other side projects and explorations - we learn more.

32:00 - What are the possibilities for tablets that are still untapped?

37:00 - We chat about what it means to be honest on the web.

47:00 - Khoi tells us about how he shares content and thinks about having a large following on Twitter.

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