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Swift Unwrapped

A 30-minute spin off of Swift Weekly Brief and other Swifty news.

We unpack the recent SE proposals on serialization & encoding.

There has been a ton of debate on the Swift Evolution mailing lists about access control in Swift. We share our thoughts on the situation.

This week we celebrate the release of Swift 3.1 and the large set of improvements to SwiftPM that happened just under the wire.

Continuing from episode 4's take on Objective-C Bridging, in this episode we look at Objective-C interoperability.

There's been a constant push and pull on ObjC bridging since Swift 1.x, trying to seek a balance but always swaying in the other direction.

The up (and down) sides of striving for source compatibility across Swift versions. Let's rearrange some deck chairs!

The tumultuous tales of the community getting SourceKit compiling on Linux.

A retrospective on one year of open source Swift.

00: And We're Live!

February 24, 2017

Welcome to Swift Unwrapped! A weekly, 30-minute show about Swift the language hosted by JP Simard & Jesse Squires

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