Orthogonal · November 23, 2017

70: Andrew Knows His Hardware



Andrew and Brett talk about hardware and how/where to buy it. Plus a brief interlude of movies.

High points:

  • Andrew explains how he buys Surface hardware (hint, it is the cheaper way)
  • Andrew's teams continued issues with peripherals. Is this just how people work?
  • Sometimes if you force your workflow into the tools, you'll be faster
  • Andrew is in love with Asana except for this one weird feature IT DOESN'T HAVE
  • An IPad pro mounted in a case with a keyboard is the same as a Surface Pro - Why can't we all just get along?


"We hot swap the crap out of these peripherals" -- Andrew
"Ipso facto, Q.E.D." -- Andrew
"Pizza and beer for the developers? DONE." -- Brett


A list of Good movies


The 3 Amingos

One of the all time greatest movies: Back to the Future

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