Orthogonal · July 27, 2017

55: From Brick Layer To Grand Planner (feat. Melinda Livsey)



This week, your dynamic duo finally settle the freelancer versus business owner definition. And we, obviously, needed help.

  1. How industry looks at freelancers versus a "studio"
  2. Brick layers versus problem solvers
  3. How mindset drives more money
  4. Brett soaks in being right

Additional tidbits:

  • The biggest change to being a business owner is more MONEY
  • Self-employed does not mean a freelancer
  • The difference between a million dollar contract and grunt work is branding
  • Freelancers are hired on a commodity basis
  • Business owners are hired based on value
  • Value based billing can be a double edged sword
  • Building an out for value based billing
  • Scope creep is the DEVIL
  • Fake it until you make it (or retire)

"The difference in pay is night and day"

Featuring VERY special guest - Melinda Livsey

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Check out Melinda and her company Marks and Maker

Also, if you want to quit your job, check out her course on getting started Pre-Lance

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