Orthogonal · June 22, 2017

50: Paying To Climb Walls (feat. Natassia)



This week, your dynamic duo are back with our special guest and fellow entrepreneur, Natassia.

Much of the episode involves dealing with the problems associated with business growth. And, honestly, more than a little discussion of Tony Robbins.

In particular:

  • The dangers of sub-optimal revenue
  • Deciding to stay small as a business
  • Figuring out what your goals are in business and what the trade-offs are
  • Natassia's current business challenges regarding growth
  • Investing in yourself as a means of business growth
  • Natassia decides whether to attend a Tony Robbins event

Additionally, we further discuss Natassia's new app company and how she finds the space to develop that product while running her own business.

Also, Andrew and Brett bicker a bit. No surprise there.


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Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru on Netflix

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