Orthogonal · March 23, 2017

37: Web Design & Quilting (feat. Shawn Blanc)



First things first. We apologize for the audio quality.

Normally, it's just the two of us talking into our fancy, Spec-provided microphones. This time, we had a (remote) guest that required an astonishing about of technological duct tape to get working. As a result, both Brett and our guest Shawn sound like they're both drunk and doing their best Barry White impressions. Andrew sounds great, though, so that's good. Our bad. All will be well next week!


This week, your boys are honored to welcome friend of the show and all-around nice guy, Shawn Blanc.

Shawn is the creator of The Focus Course, an amazing resource for creatives and entrepreneurs who are looking to do their most important work. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Selling a transformation, not a product
  • Optimizing for your customer's satisfaction
  • How Shawn deals with risk and fear
  • Leaving pidgeonholes (and how far to fly)
  • Risk vs. reward when changing topics and/or markets

"Don't talk to me about your weed killer, talk to me about my crab grass."


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