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This week we hung out with Divya Manian and Bradee Evans from the Photoshop team at Adobe. This was a really, really fun episode to record and Divya and Bradee were amazing guests. We got to talk about everything from important issues around diversity to just making dumb jokes about pterodactyls and unicorns. We hope you enjoy it half as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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Divya on the Web:
Bradee on the Web:
Show Notes:

2:00 - Bradee's Second Career & Explicit Ratings for Podcasts

4:00 - What's up with female representation in tech?

7:30 - Making mistakes in big products

16:00 - "Uncle Photoshop"

20:00 - What's it like working on Photoshop?

27:00 - Working on Web Standards

38:00 - Sketch's effect on how Photoshop is built

55:00 - Why diversity is important for creativity

58:00 - Art vs Design

59:30 - Maintaining confidence when putting out an important tool to a large audience

1:03:30 - Quirks: Sketch vs Photoshop

1:11:30 - Running out of keyboard shortcuts and the move from hardware to software

1:15:00 - Magic UI

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